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----------- Created August 20th, 2002 -----------

This first track by the "super SMUSH duo" Pop-Chop basically started off as a car game. One person comes up with a line or two from a popular song and the next person, using the last words/word would have to start singing another song. PDS & YG liked it so much that they went home and put together a collage piece that mimicked their motor-vehicle medleys. Comp-Elation is exactly that, "Free Happiness". It's 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, contains 50 Top-Pop Hits, and took about 6 hours to complete. It's also just one of many tracks to come from two of Elton John's best friends.
Download Pop-Chop's "Comp-Elation" | 4:20 | 128kpbs | 4.2Megs | Enjoy.